We are helping our clients to change current and develop disruptive business models

Disruptive business models are focus on creating, refining, reengineering or optimizing a product or service, markets and industries. The most successful companies incorporate disruptive thinking into all their business and management practices to gain distinctive competitive value propositions. “Me Too” companies fight to survive, while disruptive companies become categorically dominant brands insuring sustainability.

A disruptive technology is one that displaces an established technology and shakes up the industry on a ground-breaking product that creates a completely new industry. Prof. Clayton M. Christensen
Harvard Business School
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Changes in business model

When faced with a gaining momentum disruptive business model innovation in its industry, an established company can either respond or not. Active response follows along two generic strategies: (1) strengthening the existing business model; and (2) adopting a disruptive business model (or some elements, with adaptations to match the company’s existing competences). We are supporting companies in business model adaptations or development of disruptive business models.

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Changes in value creation

From a business perspective, the use of new technologies often implies changes in value creation. These concern the impact of digital transformation strategies on companies’ value chains, i.e. how far the new digital activities deviate from the classical – often still analogue – core business. We help companies to change internal value chain and reposition themselves within external value chain with implementation of new disruptive technologies.